Gamla stan företagshus

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Gamla Stans Företagshus - Embracing Cultural Heritage in the Heart of Stockholm

Located next to Skeppsbron, Gamla Stans Företagshus is a remarkable building with a rich cultural heritage. Built in 1600, even predating the renowned Vasa Ship, the structure originally served as an entrepôt for trade. Today, it stands as an iconic landmark, embodying the history and charm of Stockholm's Old Town.

In the 1970s, the building underwent a transformation, being renovated into a six-story office building. Despite the changes, great care was taken to preserve the building's historical significance and architectural integrity. The renovations ensured that the cultural heritage of the property remained intact, allowing occupants and visitors to experience a unique blend of old-world charm and modern functionality.

In the 1990s, Gamla Stans Företagshus underwent a gentle restoration to further safeguard its cultural heritage. The renovation aimed to maintain the original character of the building while incorporating contemporary amenities and comforts. This careful preservation work ensured that the building continued to serve as a testament to Stockholm's history, providing a truly special setting for businesses and tenants.

Today, Gamla Stans Företagshus stands as a symbol of the past and a beacon of inspiration for the future. Its historic charm, combined with its strategic location in the heart of Stockholm's Old Town, makes it a sought-after destination for businesses and professionals looking for a unique and inspiring work environment.

Whether it's the stunning views of Skeppsbron, the captivating atmosphere of the surrounding historical streets, or the timeless elegance of the building itself, Gamla Stans Företagshus offers a truly exceptional setting for any company seeking to make a statement and embrace the cultural heritage of Stockholm.

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