Lidingö Företagshus

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Lidingö Företagshus - A Thriving Business Hub with Breathtaking Views

Since 1997, entrepreneurs have found their place at Lidingö Företagshus. Beautifully situated next to Hotell Foresta, Millesgården, and Lidingöbron, this property offers a remarkable location just 10 minutes away from Stureplan. The setting is truly exceptional, boasting stunning panoramic views of Stockholm and overlooking the serene waters of Värtan.

Lidingö Företagshus, with its rich history, provides a creative work environment within bright and fresh rooms ranging from 9 to 20 square meters. These spaces cater to both small and larger companies, creating a stimulating atmosphere for businesses to flourish. Whether you're a startup or an established organization, Lidingö Företagshus offers an environment that fosters growth and development.

In addition to the inspiring workspace, Lidingö Företagshus provides comprehensive services and a secure environment for you and your company to thrive. The property is designed to meet your needs, allowing you to focus on your business while taking advantage of the complete support available.

Not only does Lidingö Företagshus offer a conducive work environment, but it also benefits from its proximity to cultural landmarks and natural beauty. With Millesgården and the picturesque Lidingöbron nearby, you and your team can enjoy a blend of art, nature, and history. The vibrant city center of Stockholm is just a short commute away, providing easy access to a wide range of amenities and business opportunities.

Lidingö Företagshus is owned and managed by Marginalen Fastigheter.