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Rando Brygga - Offices with an Adjacent Boat Dock!

Whether you need an entire office space or a single office room in our coworking facility, Rando Brygga has you covered! Located on this pier in Bleket's Harbor, there used to be a sawmill for many years. Adjacent to it, Bleket's fishermen had their home port. We have now constructed a modern and efficient office building, just a few meters away from the sea. Here, you'll find a workspace for your company and for those who appreciate the inspiring work environment that proximity to the sea provides.

Rando Brygga offers a unique setting that combines the tranquility of the harbor with the vibrancy of a modern office space. Imagine stepping out of your office and being greeted by the soothing sounds of the sea, or taking a break on the dock to enjoy the fresh ocean breeze. This serene and refreshing environment can enhance productivity and provide a sense of calm amidst the demands of the workday.

Our office spaces are designed with efficiency and functionality in mind. We prioritize modern amenities, comfortable work areas, and flexible layouts to accommodate the diverse needs of businesses. Whether you're a small startup, a growing company, or an established enterprise, Rando Brygga offers the ideal space for your business to thrive.

Additionally, as an added perk, Rando Brygga provides an accompanying boat dock for those who have their own boats or wish to explore the nearby waters. This unique feature allows you to conveniently access the sea, offering a perfect balance between work and leisure. Imagine taking a boat ride during your lunch break or hosting team-building activities on the water - the possibilities are endless.

Rando Brygga  is owned and managed by Marginalen Fastigheter.