Torsviks Center

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Torsviks Center - A Dynamic Workplace Hub in Lidingö

Nestled atop the hill overlooking the land connection of Lidingöbron, Torsvik Center is a bustling property situated in the heart of Lidingö. This vibrant center is home to approximately 200 professionals from various fields, including healthcare, dental care, several embassies, and businesses spanning different sectors.

With its central location in Lidingö's town center, Torsvik Center offers a prime position for both work and convenience. Just minutes away from Stockholm City, the property provides easy access to the bustling capital while maintaining a tranquil and scenic setting on Lidingö.

The building itself boasts a creative work environment, facilitating collaboration and innovation among its occupants. With a diverse range of businesses and organizations, Torsvik Center fosters a dynamic and vibrant atmosphere, promoting networking and knowledge exchange.

In addition to its productive work environment, Torsvik Center benefits from its proximity to a variety of restaurants, providing convenient options for lunch and meetings. The property also enjoys excellent public transportation connections, allowing for seamless commuting options and accessibility.

Torsvik Center is not only a hub of professional activity but also a gateway to the thriving community of Lidingö. Residents and employees alike can enjoy the charming shops, parks, and recreational areas that make Lidingö such a desirable place to live and work.

Torsviks Center is owned and managed by Marginalen Fastigheter.

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